“I can say as an editor, not just a friend, that this is a wonderful yarn,” wrote Laurence Paul, retired executive editor of the New York Times News Service and Syndicate.  


“Your skill at building each little vignette to a climax is artful. Your digressions into nature and scenery are evocative. Your musings about how American society has changed are poignant. Alas, our kids and theirs will probably never know that sweet, innocent, secure world. What a shame."


A Note from the Author:

For over four decades, I have been encouraged to write about my curb painting escapade in the summer of 1964. Were it not for the encouragement and occasional prodding of my friends and family members I'd still be scratching my chin at the starting block.  Thank you to all that helped make this book a reality.


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Curbing Across America In The Age of Innocence

Times have indeed changed since 1964, when Norm Riggs embarked on an adventure that today could result in a trip to the hospital, jail, or even the morgue. This is the true tale of a college student’s escape from the despair of a grueling summer job into a meandering saga that played out beyond his wildest dreams.  

Norm Riggs

Author of Curbing Across America in the Age of Innocence